I really loved "Twelve Tales From"!! The technical quality of the CD goes miles further than a simple display of musical skills, it's there as a tool for transmitting life and the way this group sees it. I really feel that the instruments are actually 'talking'...

There's something magically soothing about the way "Ingetokea Kuwa" sounds, it shows how strong music can be and how it can go across languages and cultures by expressing the very nature of human feelings in a way in which words are 'just' sounds.

"Don't Break My Bones" , "Way Back Home" and "Thigh Bone Pipe" touched me with their lyrics and their originality. I love the way this group builds complex harmonic and melodic lines based on very simple structures in those songs.

Musically, "Draper's Cabin" is fantastic and the Oriental melody and the African rhythm patterns go together in a surprisingly delicious way.

Finally, after listening to 'Somos Son Tres', I can say: Somos Quatro... if you see what I mean... That song really brought to mind my South American Indian roots...

Brazilian World Music Guitarist and
Brazilian Music Teacher