Milwaukee, WI based national organization that was the inspiration for the "PTSD Songbook".
"The Healing Power of Music in the Hands of Heroes"

The "Gateway to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Information" offers much good information and many additional links.

Very comprehensive site from the United States Department of Veteran Affairs.

Milwaukee, WI based coffee house/meeting place and so much more.
"Helping the veteran and their family who survived the war, survive the peace"

The people who shot and produced the dvd of the "PTSD Songbook".

The man and his production house that masters all the Mambo Surfers work.

The phenomenal talent behind the "Songbook" layout and graphics.

Cream City Music featuring the "World's Best Guitars", based in Milwaukee, WI (where Ron is in-house master luthier)
Long-time supporter of Guitars For Vets.