Darrell “Skate” Williams (Bass / Vocals)

Darrell "Skate" Williams started playing at 16 when his father gave him a classical guitar -- with four strings. Years later a bass player said, "You're already playing with only four strings -- may as well play bass."

Over the years he made sure to keep his hand in the music business any way he could, working as a roadie for groups like the Eddie Butts Band, Energy and Love Shine, then doing a stint as PR man for popular local band the Toys in Milwaukee.

But playing music was always where his heart stood, and his musical influences were diverse. He heard jazz at home, blues at his Grandmama's, and funk and r&b at his cousin's house.

The nickname Skate came when he would skateboard upwards of 20 miles some days, to get to and spend time at his favorite music stores. He and Ron became friends over 25 years ago when Ron worked on his first bass.

Skate sites his wife Gina as his biggest inspiration and fan. It was she who bought him his first bass amp. Besides playing with the Mambo Surfers, he also currently plays regularly at The Temple of Judah in Milwaukee, WI.

He plays fretted, fretless and 5-string basses with the Surfers.