Lon Couillard (Drums / Percussion)

Lon grew up and spent most of his youth in Northern Wisconsin. He counts as early musical influences the likes of Ray Charles, Little Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66.

He has always had an interest in unique and subtle rhythms. Playing in various bands, performing many different styles of music for over 40 years, his beginnings were in a rock & roll garage band in the '60's doing covers of Bob Dylan and the Stones.

Lon's musical interests grew towards world music and away from mainstream pop radio during the '80's. He realized there are a few things that all peoples of the earth have in common, and one of those is music. People hear and appreciate good music, even if they cannot understand the words, and music has the potential to provide much needed healing among cultures.

Thus, his interest in world rhythms grew, and his musical journey took a strong turn toward learning about and listening to planetary voices from Africa, the Middle East and the cultural sounds of Celtic, zydeco and other roots music.

A personal discovery was that music is BOTH sound and the absence of sound. An interest in ethnic percussion instruments led him to put the traditional drum set into semi retirement. His cacophony of sound is generated by a set-up he affectionately calls the 'percussion tree', a single cymbal stand on which dangles various percussive toys, drums, and home-made noise makers.

Lon currently performs with Fair Webber and the Mambo Surfers, both based in Milwaukee, WI, and both heavily focused on performing original tunes and compositions. According to Lon, "As a musician, there is nothing more rewarding than performing music that emanates from only one spot on earth."